I’m Ker Villahermosa and I really love Basketball. I’m a Filipino Basketball Blogger and Basketball Enthusiast. Right now, I’m working as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Basketball is really my first love since I was 4 years old. The competitive side of basketball keeps my fire burning. Basketball has always a place in my heart.

I played in several Basketball league in our town and unfortunately I can’t be a professional basketball player for some reason. Even for that instance, my passion for basketball will never stop that’s why I decided to be a basketball blogger. In this way, I can still contribute to the sport that I love and can even inspire and influence basketball players especially to the aspiring players.

Kobe Bryant is really my benchmark in basketball when we talk about greatness and excellence. No doubt, I bleed for purple and gold and forever a Laker. Enough for that, I make this basketball website to share with you the latest of basketball locally and internationally and also to share my passion in basketball.

If you really love basketball, then this site is for you. Anyway, follow me on Twitter @kervillahermosa . We will talk all about basketball there. God bless hoopers!