How to Conduct an Effective Site Audit? (2017 Update)


Last week, I wrote about On-Page Best Practices for 2017 and one of the most important practices there is the Site Audit. We usually think that SEO is normally evolved for Google and other Search Engines only. The fact that Google has an extraordinary intelligence to make their algorithm classified, they usually continue to make changes and evolve from time to time. If you are an SEO Specialist, SEO Team […]

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A Definitive Guide on How To Optimize an Effective On- Page SEO (2017 Update)


On- Page SEO is probably the most clinical part of the whole SEO process. Over the years, Google and other Search Engine continue to update their algorithms. With so many changes, even if you have been following closely, you may be lost. Most SEO professionals take a huge amount of effort in Link Building. Let’s face it, when it comes to SEO, building links can really take a high leap […]

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How Evergreen Content Can Get You Better Search Ranking Without Spending Too Much Effort on Link Building?

Earlier this year, I refactored my SEO campaign as a part of my New Year’s Resolution. I spent most of my time taking an online course about Content Marketing. Well, most SEO people believe that Content is King. Being able to produce an evergreen content can attract users and the most important thing; it can drive high and quality traffic without spending too much effort on SEO. Jason Acidre said […]

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The Reasons Why We Love SEO In The Philippines

The Reasons Why We Love SEO In The Philippines When I started doing SEO, I wasn’t so serious about it. It was totally strange to me, and I didn’t know the value of it. It took me a year to realize and understand the real worth of search engine optimization. SEO here in the Philippines is now a really blooming industry, and I personally witnessed how things have changed. Most […]

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